Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are your weather limitations?
A: Weather must be dry (can be cloudy) and wind gusts must be under 10 mph.

Q: How long can you fly?
A: Depending on weather conditions and which battery is used, 4 to 8 minutes. This sounds like a short period of time, but it's actually long enough to gather most media. If it's not, I can always do several flights and splice video together.

Q: I don't know how to make videos. Can you make a short video of our property/event?
A: Absolutely. I have produced over 400 videos over the years and am very good at producing captivating, interesting video for even the most disinterested viewer. My post-production fees are very reasonable.

Q: How high/far can you fly?
A: I have a theoretical limit of 2000 meters or 1.24 miles.  As of this writing I have not tested that limit.

Q: How many photos will we get?
A: 50-100 per flight. Of those, approximately 1-2 dozen (or more) will be considered "usable."

Q: How much video will we get?
A: Approximately 4 minutes per flight.

Q: What video/photo resolutions are you capable of?
A: 95% of my aerial video is shot @ 1080p/30fps.  But I can also shoot 1080p/60/48/24 fps with resolution as high as 1440p/48fps.  Aerial photos are 3000 x 1688 pixels.